they call it,self obsession.


studying in np
19 dis year
a fighter,a friend.
a true believer,a lover

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    Monday, April 4

    There she was pouring coffees.
    Four cups in total but entirely different from another.
    Not that it mattered anyway,
    friends were all there to help her with her garden
    so no wonder she would not put the fine china on the table.
    And as they were taking their breaks and drinking up those coffee,
    she start this tale..

    There was once this wise teacher who took all his students for coffee.
    They were surprised that all the cups on the table were different.
    They all took a cup and started drinking their coffee,
    each looking at the cups of others.
    The teacher let them do that for a while
    and then said:

    "Do you notice your behaviour?
    You all are looking at each other´s coffee cup
    and I can see some of you with the chipped ones
    are even envious of the finer cups of others.
    Is this not so?"

    The students agreed,
    amused of their own behavior.

    "You may have wondered why you all had different cups,
    but I put them here on purpose.
    This represent life itself.

    Life is like that coffee and the cups
    are like the physical circumstances of your life.
    You all got the same thing in your cups,coffee.
    And yet you cannot truly enjoy it in your envy of another´s cup.

    It´s just the same with life.
    You forget to enjoy your own life when you concentrate
    on envying the circumstances of someone else's life.
    So now, close your eyes,
    and taste your own coffee.
    Really taste it.
    And tell me this,
    did it actually matter from which cup it came from?"

    ..She stop there.
    All of them sat in silence for a while,savouring their coffee.
    A sleepy fly buzzed past, a bird sang in the tree.
    And it really did not matter one bit from which coffee cup they drank.

    shouldn't it just be this way?
    everyone to live life positively,in every way?
    well,this is how I feel life should be.


    Saturday, March 19

    I pass through Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn
    Saturn looking for you, time trickles dripping droplet sound

    My fingers still have residues from the nail polish you put on me
    I can't figure out, you seemed to have said
    Is there a future for you and I

    The world keeps changing, the earth keeps rotating
    In your space and time I have never backed away or been weak
    When I'm close to your ear I want to whisper to you
    My gentleness is exclusively for you

    My love is only enough for you, alone, to possess
    My soul and spirit keep waiting in front of your heart
    My hurt and tears disappear, they are for you
    Hidden in a little boundless galaxy
    I, who loves you

    I, who loves you, can't stop the pulse
    To fight for your love, please let me talk

    i was browsing back some chinese songs
    and as a lyricist,this song is sure unique.
    guo ai.


    Friday, March 18

    i wanted to write a story about everything
    but nothing good came out of it.
    either way i am still at lost.
    i will again,delete this post when i feel better.
    till den,
    i love you.


    Monday, March 14

    it has always been a honor to be a part
    of something that you believe in.
    and as i was clearing up my files relating to such,
    i am proud to be a part of this.

    I will just give in,
    with a punctured heart;
    even if I’m keen,
    I would do my part.
    2nd Verse: Doubted Love Affair

    Those tears falls like the rain,
    this is an endless pain;
    and its tearing me apart
    into my soul into my soul.
    Do you know,
    How much it hurts me too?
    Chorus: Tears

    This is now right, not what I want.
    My summer night turned to be so cold.
    I’ve never been to this place before;
    The darkness in here composed a fall.
    1st Verse: Death

    Why did you go?
    You had a choice.
    How could you leave me behind?
    My world’s turn to grey;
    i’ve lost my place.
    ‘Cause no one loves you more than I do.
    Chorus: Why

    No matter how far you go.
    No matter how far you are right now.
    I can’t seems to get rid of this;
    Infatuation of my mind.

    And no matter how hard I tried.
    No matter if I had broke down and cried.
    I just can’t get rid of this;
    Degeneration of my heart.
    Chorus: Infatuation

    My undertow brought me to my knees,
    How the devil am I supposed to please?
    The undercurrent just brought me to my knees.
    How the monkeys would you rather have me please?
    Pre-Chorus: Misinformativity

    I want a way out, shove my way out.
    Tried to flee out, leave here without,
    you in my mind, set up some mines.
    Blow myself up, I’ll blow myself up.
    Chorus: Way Out

    There was a boy,
    who live at the end of town.
    There was a boy,
    who fell in love with a girl
    1st Verse: There was a boy

    Will I ever be in love with you.
    Will you ever smile for me.
    Will you be the one for me when I need you so;
    In your mind,
    will I ever be.
    Chorus: Will I ever be

    Old Mcdonald had a farm,
    Twinkle-twinkle little stars.
    Why don’t we have some fun,
    I hope it will be what you want.
    2nd Verse: Childhood Days

    Your eyes
    Your smile,
    Every moment spent with you.

    The laugh
    The tears,
    The times I dreamt of having you.

    I can’t break away,
    I wish there was some other way.
    For me to confess my love for you.
    Chorus: My love for you

    There’s a girl who’s seventeen.
    The doctor told her she has 3 months to live.
    She likes her friend but she couldn’t say.
    Afraid that he doesn’t feel the same.
    1st Verse: Last time Love

    Get away from me,won’t you listen to me?
    Let me get a new life of my own fantasy.
    I want a little breather and freedom,I’m losing hope.
    Chorus: Get away from me

    Dream what you want to dream,
    Go where you want to go.
    Be what you want to be.
    Hold on to hope;
    Don’t let go!
    Chorus: Hope and Dreams

    ….my eyes were locked in to see you right there.
    I just can’t help it but to stop and stare.
    The smile on your face, defines the word craze.
    There’s something bout you that makes me drool yet amazed.
    Chorus: There’s something bout you

    It eats like a stone.
    I love its smile
    Who used to eat like a monster
    There was a stone.

    Oh stone~~~
    Oh stone~~~
    Oh stone~~~

    Its going to be a stone day!
    2nd verse/Chorus: Stone,the wondergirl

    I’m gonna be okay, seeing you cheering far away
    I’m gonna be alright, knowing that you’re right here tonight
    My fear has gone somewhere, eyeing at your smile over there
    It’s clear that I am brave, with you around here within my sight
    Chorus: I’m gonna be okay

    and the best part of all this is not
    about performing,
    its about spending time with friends
    that share the same passion.
    thank you scc.